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Take a Peek at our Brooklyn Bakery's gluten-free menu!

Jun 07, 2016

Gluten Free Brooklyn Bakery Menu 

While our online shop offers a selection of items from our menu which are available for shipping, our Brooklyn bakery is the place to go to experience the full Love Bites dessert collection.  As always, our menu items are sweetened with low-glycemic sweeteners and free of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners!


Our delicious gluten-free menu rotates daily and includes Chef specials and seasonal treats.  Below are some of the signature desserts available at our Brooklyn bakery:


Spankin' Doughnuts - Cherry-chocolate doughnuts made with fresh-squeezed cherry juice, raw cacao powder, topped with dark chocolate ganache and roasted ground almonds

Sweet Ecstasy Custard [vegan] – A scrumptious coconut custard topped with toasted almonds and coconut

Bangin’ Chocolate Chip Cookies – Our best-seller!  The classic cookie gets a fun twist with a touch of vanilla-infused sea salt

Original Sin Cake [vegan] – A moist, rich apple-spice cake topped with coconut cream and a house-made apple chip

Fig Buddies [vegan] – Our to-die-for cookie bars with a delectable black mission fig filling

Black Heart Cake [vegan] – One of our most popular items, our antioxidant-rich chocolate cake is fudgy perfection loaded with nutrients

Bad Bunny Cake – A dreamy carrot cake with raisins, spices, and pecans, lightly finished with coconut caramel

Dope Banana Bread – The Love Bites take on the classic banana-nut bread

In the Raw Biscuit – Our first and only savory item!  Raw milk mozzarella biscuit topped with Pinot Noir sea salt flakes

Afternoon Delight Truffles [vegan] – Delectable hand-rolled apricot and pistachio truffles

Nutty Bits – Our signature candied nuts are the perfect marriage of nutty and sweet, balanced with a touch of Himalayan pink salt


To check out our daily selection, visit our Brooklyn shop, located in Bushwick at 10 Porter Avenue (L train to Morgan Avenue).