A Bit about the Art in our Bushwick Bakery

Jun 24, 2016

Ana Noel Bushwick mural gluten-free bakery

One of the many reasons we love our neighborhood is Bushwick’s vibrant art community, most notably represented by its world-famous street murals.  When it came time to create the look and feel of our Bushwick bakery, we instantly decided a mural was the way to go.
Artist Ana Noel created a beautiful design that not only complements the bakery’s design aesthetic but also represents the neighborhood and what makes it unique.  The design features clean black and gray lines that mimic the simple beauty of our ingredients and the desserts we create.
In the artist’s words, “This particular project was close to my heart because I was proud of what Elisa had accomplished.  So when it came to the design, a mandala theme immediately came to mind, which represents good vibes and new beginnings for her shop, using monochromatic lines and making the signature Love Bites bitten heart in magenta the main focus point of the mural, along with the simple lettering below it.”


Ana Noel Bushwick Mural Artist

Ana Noel


The mural was designed and created completely by hand over the course of a week using acrylic paint in shades of gray with black accents and a pop of color from the signature Love Bites bitten heart.  The “bite me” tagline invites guests to use their imagination while enjoying our delicious gluten-free creations.
Make sure to take a look at Ana Noel’s stunning work next time you visit!

Elisa’s Love Bites Dessert Atelier
10 Porter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237