Yummy new menu items!

Jul 10, 2016

We've been having a little fun in the Love Bites kitchen and have a few new items to share with you!

For those times you just need a tiny bit of sweetness, we've introduced our Baby Bites and Spankin' Doughnut Holes!

As the name implies, Baby Bites are mini bite-size versions of our signature cakes.  The selection varies daily and from time to time we will feature special flavors.

Our new Spankin' Doughnut Holes are also bite-size portions of our popular Spankin' Doughnuts.  The miniature pop of chocolate goodness is perfect for when you crave our amazing baked doughnuts in a smaller dose and are great for sharing!

Dark Side Cookies, which we introduced as a special this weekend, will be added to our menu rotation.  Our new heart-shaped black rice shortbread features hints of lemon and is topped with pistachio and pink peppercorns.

And last but not least, we've given our signature Original Sin Cake a little makeover!  Still awesomely delicious, our vegan darling now features more apple (yay!) and is topped with cinnamon-baked apple chunks instead of an apple chip.

Come visit us to check out our new foodgasmic additions!


10 Porter Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11237